Don’t Forget These Important Things When Using a Lawn Mower in Your Garden

A well-trimmed lawn is the perfect way to enhance the outdoor appeal of your home. Thanks to lawn mowers, you will only need hand held slashers and sickles when cutting grass in sections of the garden that your mower can't reach. These machines come in various sizes and styles, including walk-behind or ride-on, to suit your personal gardening preferences. Getting yourself a lawn mower is the right step to a perfect lawn but not the only one. A host of other things are needed for you to do the job well. Here are the important ones that you shouldn't forget when using a lawn mower to trim the grass in your garden:

Handy Tools

As the lawn mower powers itself around, its movements cause some vibrations. The vibrations make some bolts and screws loose, elevating the risk of damage to other components. For this reason, you should check the sturdiness of the parts held together by bolts and screws to tighten them immediately after a mowing session or before starting out. To do this, you need a few handy tools such as an adjustable spanner, pliers and a multibit screwdriver. In addition, you need to get a putty knife and stiff wire brush to help you get rid of grass clippings on the mower's deck and tires.   

Personal Safety Equipment

Even though lawn mowers may be simple machines that are straight forward to operate, you need to pay attention to your safety. Accidents and injuries are the last thing you want when you are tending your garden. First, you should invest in a pair of safety glasses to avoid eye injuries resulting from small stones, soil particles and blades of grass that can get thrown around by the lawn mower's rotating blade. You should also note that noise level control vary among the various lawnmower manufacturers. To be safe, you should get a pair of earmuffs and wear them throughout the time that you will be using the lawn mower. Lastly, you need a pair of gloves, even if your lawn mower comes with a comfortable handle. They will come in handy when you need to pick up dangerous objects like broken glass bottles along your way.

Fuel Additives

If the lawn mower has a petrol or diesel engine, then you should consider stabilizing your engine fuel. Particularly, you should get thermal stabiliser additives to prevent the degradation of the ethanol-based fuels that can damage your engine. This is important, considering that you will be using the mower in the glaring heat of the summer and probably will store it for long periods during winter.