3 Crucial Considerations When Looking for Mulch Delivery Services

A beautiful lawn can do your home a lot of good. It enhances your curb's appeal, adds value to your property, and provides an excellent outdoor relaxation space. However, only a healthy-looking lawn can deliver such benefits, which is the reason why you need mulch. An optimal amount of mulch insulates the roots of your plants, retains moisture, and subdues weeds. However, you must look for a reputable service provider. This article highlights key factors to consider when looking for mulch delivery services.

Source of Mulch

Where does s service provider source their mulch? It is arguably one of the most important considerations when looking for mulch delivery services. Ideally, you want a mulch that helps your plants and grass thrive, which pretty much depends on the source. For instance, reputable mulch delivery services should source their inputs from wood byproducts in the lumber industry because the materials are organic and safe for plants.

Additionally, ensure that a delivery service produces mulch from responsibly sourced wood. Other excellent sources of mulch include garden centres, nurseries, and reputable landscape supply companies. However, you should avoid working with mulch suppliers who source their products from unrelated sources, such as gas stations or demolition companies, at all costs. The mulch might contain harmful additives, including shredded construction debris, metals, or paint.

Mulch Variety

Before calling mulch delivery services and placing an order, consider where you want to use it. Different mulch products are suitable for specific plants; therefore, getting the right type is crucial. For example, big chunks of mulch are the best option for a permanent layer around trees since they last longer. However, you do not want to use the same product on perennial plants' bedding because digging through the mulch is a nightmare. Instead, you should order finer, fluffy, and easily decomposable mulch for perennial crops or vegetable beds. With this in mind, you are likely to get the right mulch for your plants by hiring mulch delivery services who stock a variety of much. 

Form of Delivery

The amount of mulch you need depends on the area you want to cover. Therefore, if you're going to apply mulch on a few trees, then you probably need one or two bags. However, if you are doing the entire landscape, you might need a truckload of mulch. Ripping open a few bags is easy, but it gets tiring and frustrating if you have cut open 30 or 50 sacks. Unfortunately, some mulch delivery services supply mulch in bags only, whether you need the product in bulk or small amounts. Therefore, it is better to choose a supplier who can deliver mulch in bags or truckloads depending on a client's requirements.