How to Avoid a Missed Collection When Using Hired Green Bins for Your Garden Waste Removal Project

Hiring a bin for your household garden waste removal is fully optional because you can alternatively compost at home. But not everyone is enthusiastic about collecting green waste on their property to make organic compost: maybe they think it is too much trouble or it will take up too much of their time. If you need to remove grass clippings, cut flowers, fallen leaves, weeds, small branches, twigs and any other type of waste from your garden and have the garbage transported to a local household garden waste recycling facility, you will need to hire a green bin. Here is a useful guide to help you avoid a missed collection when you have hired this type of bin.

Understand that not all garden waste is 'green' waste

Only the waste items specified by your bin rental company can be put inside the rented bin. Unfortunately, many homeowners assume that all manner of rubbish present in their gardens can go into the provided bin. For example, it is not uncommon to find unacceptable things such as large branches, animal waste, soil, broken flower pots, soiled newspapers, wood ash mulch and plastic bags wrongfully put in green waste bins. Sure, some of the waste items may be organic, but that does not mean you should put them in the same bin as the acceptable waste. The collection crews will not empty your bin if they realise it is carrying some unwanted materials. Instead, they will stick a hanger or tag indicating a list of items that should not go into that bin and need to be taken out. The unwanted items are considered to be "contaminants."

Once any contaminated rubbish is removed, the bin will be collected for emptying on your next scheduled date of collection. However, you will bear the inconvenience of having to sort through your garbage to eliminate the unacceptable elements. To rid of the unacceptable garden waste, you will need to hire separate bin types.

Do not overload the bin

Another common reason why the collection crew will fail to collect your bin is when it is too heavy. Bins that are too heavy can cause injury to crew members or damage to the vehicle. Therefore, you should make sure not to exceed the maximum weight limit set for your bin when it is loaded. This usually happens when you overfill your bin or put heavy waste items such as soil, rubble and paving in it. You can rent separate bins for the extra waste and have the bins collected on your next scheduled day of collection.